ProMetal A/S sell different kind of equipments for pressure protection. This includes safety valves and rupture discs / bursting discs, to protect pipes, kettles and containers against overpressure. A safety valve secures that no damages are made to the application as a consequence of too high pressure.

There are several kinds of safety valves. Most known is the division of pilot operated and spring operated. These groups can again be divided in different designs for different applications and mediums. A spring operated safety valve is often the most common type, as it is the most simple, and can be used in most applications. However it is often seen that the choice between pilot operated and spring operated are decided from what you have a tradition for.

One of the advantages with these valves, in comparison to different switchgear components is that the valve solely is mechanic. This means it will not fail to work in case of a power cut. Our safety valves comes with various classification standards: DIN, EN, ANSI, ASME I and ASME VIII.

The valves are usable within several different areas, including tank protection and pressure equalization, as well as compressible mediums like air, gas and steam, or incompressible mediums like all kinds of fluid.

The picture is a pilot operated safety valve

The difference between pilot operated safety valves and spring operated safety valves

Pilot operated safety valves are characterized by a modulating opening in a sliding movement, to slowly let the overpressure out, while spring operated  has an abrupt opening and let out all the overpressure at once. The technical reason to choose a pilot operated instead of a spring operated safety valve is because you want a more precise control. That is why you often choose a pilot operated safety valve, if the operational pressure and setting pressure is relative close.

Common for all the valves is that the valve opens at the defined set point. They will often be produced in a material resistant to the medium the valve is in touch with.

Rupture discs / bursting discs too come in different materials for various pressures and mediums, with and without a cleat.

At ProMetal we take care of your needs. The more knowledge we have about the application, the better opportunity for us to offer you the best technical solution.

We are an agent for Weir.

Read more about the Sarasin-RSBD spring and pilot-operated safety valves here.

Please contact ProMetal if you need further information about what safety valve will be the most appropriate to your application.

This is a pink pilot operated safety valve

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