ProMetal provides ball valves in all common materials from forged LF2 up till high alloy super duplex, and always referring to a wide range of standards within EN/DIN and ANSI/API.

The valves are used for different applications, mainly for oil and gas industries.

Depending on which application the valve should be used in, it can have different attributes/qualities for different situations. This could be regarding to how high the pressure in the system is, the resistance to hot and cold temperatures, connections, strength of the thread and corrosion resistance.

The closing function in the ball valve is conducted by either a floating ball or a trunnion mounted ball, depending on which position the valve is mounted in. Ball valves are very suitable to e.g. pumping of waste water or other mediums with larger amount of dirt.

The valves are supplied both to the sub sea and to the topsite applications delivered in pressure class up to 4500 ANSI and API 10,000 designed for API6A and 6 d.

This is two ball valves side by side


  • Floating ball – trunnion mounted ball
  • Top entry ball valves (easy to maintain)
  • Side entry ball valves
  • Double block & bleed ball valves
  • Subsea ball valves
  • Sea water ball valves in composite material (glass reinforced)
  • Compact ball valves

See rotary gate valve for use in deep sea applications and extreme operating conditions (opens PDF).

The above designs are offered with different features:

  • Body and bonnet stem seals with lipseal backup
  • Secondary stem sealing with resilient seals
  • Seat sealant injection with resilient seals
  • Metal to metal seat design with resilient seals
  • Firetested
  • Anti blow out steam
  • Double piston effect / single piston effect seats
  • Self relieving seats
  • Block and bleed service
  • Double block and bleed ball valves
  • Anti static design
  • Non lubricated design
  • Hub ends, Greylock, Techlok, compact flanges
  • All welded design is available

Are you still in doubt of what kind of ball valve to use in your application? ProMetal is always available for a dialogue about your needs, and we always guarantee that you get the best and most optimal solution for your application.

Please contact ProMetal for further information about ball valves.

This picture is of several ball valves from ProMetal

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