A Tuesday afternoon we got an inquiry from Total (formerly Maersk Oil and Gas), asking for a 1½” ball valve as soon as possible. We forward the inquiry to the manufacturer, Energy Valves in Italy, who promise to produce the valve in a few days. We get the order from the customer, and the manufacturer begins to produce the valve right away.

The valve is finished thursday, and Friday it is picked up by the courrier at the factory in Italy, whereupon it is driven through Europe and delivered Saturday to our collaborate partner, SH Group, in Esbjerg, Denmark. Both us and our partners take use of the weekend to get the valve ready for delivery. Koldig Coat, who are responsible for the coating of the valve, are done with their job Sunday.

Kugleventil uden maling - En case om at yde lidt ekstra - ProMetal

The picture is before the coating of the ball valve.

Monday noon the valve is sailed to the rig, and the customer specified valve is ready for installation within less than a week.

Together we walk the extra mile”

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