ProMetal provides check valves in several different designs.

The duo check design, often used in the oil and gas industries. The swing check design, primarily used in the process industry. In addition to this we supply the nozzle check valve. This is a special non-slam design with a longer operation lifetime than the two before mentioned. At the same time it is less noisy and more reliable, while allowing absolutely no back flow or water hammer.

In general check valves are used in pipelines, where the medium, that being either gas or a fluid, is needed to flow in only one direction. In some cases the check valve can be used for securing against ruptures on pipelines and outflow of larger amounts of fluid.

When installed in connection to a pumping system, the check valve’s primary function is to prevent a back flow through the pump with the risk of pollution or a mix of the medias. Or to prevent discharge of pipelines or the like. Ideally the check valve closes when the flow of the fluid through the valve is equal to zero. This happens in the nozzle check valve design.

Today it is mandatory for factories to secure their water installations with check valves. How much it has to be secured depends on the risk of pollution.

This picture illustrates a check valve from the inside


  • Duo check valve
  • Nozzle check valve
  • Compac-Noz valve
  • Swing check valve

The mentioned designs have their own advantages as well as disadvantages. ProMetal can help you choosing the right design for your application. They vary in price, weight, built-in-length, maintenance and reliability. In the end though, all designs are functioning in the same manner, by letting the fluid or gas run to the side entry of the valve and out of the discharge point. If a return flow or pressure shock should occur in the opposite direction, the check valve will close to stop this.

Depending on the application and operational conditions, the check valves can be delivered in different shapes, materials and several types of connections.

We are an agent for Crane Stockham UK and Weir Valves and Control UK

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This is a EG 300 Duo Check Valve

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