Pilot operated safety valves are characterized by opening modulating, meaning they open in a sliding motion and slowly let out the pressure which is too much. This means that they can be used when the operating pressure is close to the set pressure. The valves will usually begin to open 2-3 % before the set pressure is reached and close within 2 % after the system has reached the set pressure. The valves are managed by the means of a pilot (small spring operated safety valve).

ProMetal delivers Sarasin-RSBD pilot operated safety valves among others. A great advantage by these is their credibility as well as they are very tight, hence there will be no risk of production loss, and it will be almost maintenance-free. They can be delivered as adjustable valves and with extra equipment like e.g. a magnetic valve for controlling. When used for steam, it will be delivered with a DCM-pilot mounted.

This is a pink pilot operated safety valve

Extra equipment for pilot operated safety valves

The valves can be delivered with various extra equipment:

Equipment for delaying backward flow prevents an unexpected flow that might occur through the valves, when the exclusion of the pilot is connected to the outflow flange. In these cases the downflow pressure (back pressure) might sometimes be greater than the differential pressure. This might come as a consequence when more valves are connected the same block. At the same time it will prevent an unexpected vacuum in the forward flow pilot (when started).

A manual ventilation valve allows that the valve opens and eases the pressure at the system manually. The manual ventilation valve is placed between the pilot and main valve.

A field test equipment is a test of the set pressure and the function of the valve under normal operation of the protected unit.

Pilot lifting gear and Remote Unloader (remote opening) allows opening of the valve from a control room regardless the pressure level of the equipment.

Dual filter and dual pilot are used to ease the maintenance and improve the production.

A pressure differential switch register that the main valve opens, and sends a signal (pneumatic or electric) to the control room.

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The picture is a pilot operated safety valve

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