ProMetal supplies customer specified forged materials from measurements or drawings – this typically includes shafts and discs, rolled rings or flanges, but we do also deliver heavy wall pressure tanks and other complex materials from drawings.

All of our products can be delivered as unprocessed materials / raw performance, rough turned or finished machined, ready and painted if needed. The materials includes everything from carbon steel to duplex and super duplex – always with the tests specified from the customer, e.g. ultra sound test, MPI or radiographic.

We do also deliver materials as double certified for both ASME and EN, if you want to have something in stock or do not know the end customer’s needs. Furthermore we can offer extra test pieces of the material, in case of further tests in the future.

Our close collaboration with our suppliers as well as our many tasks for each manufacturer makes us a valued and important collaborator. This makes your tasks high priority, no matter the size of the task.

This picture shows some pallets with different types of forged materials

There are several ways to forge and various kinds of forgings

When producing rolled rings, they are often produced at a ring barrel. First they heat up the raw materials in the right weight to a red-hot piece, after which it is placed in the ring barrel to the ring has the right shape.

When manufacturing larger forged materials, like flanged shafts, the red-hot piece will normally be die forged (pressed) while turned around to the right shape and dimensions. Finally it is possible to drop forge, which is done using a mould. This process seems a lot like the casting process.

After every forging process, it is important to have a controlled cooling, sometimes in cooling baths, followed up by a controlled heating treatment.

With ProMetal as your partner, a great network of manufacturers with each of their specialties will be activated – both in regard to innovation and production.

If you have any further questions regarding forging materials, please do not hesitate to contact ProMetal today.


A lot of forged materials from ProMetal

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