ProMetal provides silencers for valves. They can be delivered built together with the valve (typically seen in isolation valves) to comply with the EVS noise restrictions. Or they can be delivered separately for existing valves (often mounted at the roof of buildings, e.g. larger safety valves.) It is a simple and effective way to secure a plant. It might create a more comfortable working environment around the machines at which they are installed.

It is often at the start of a project, you need to consider the silencers for valves. They need a lot of space, either in the pipeline or externally at the roof of a building. Thus it is important to check noise calculations on the control valves and safety valves early in the project.

When high pressure gas or steam is released in the free atmosphere, it might cause an extremely high level of noise. This is caused by the fast turbulence and expansion of the gas. A valve silencer would prevent, or at least reduce, this kind of noise. At the same time, the valve silencer can secure correct operation of the concerned plant by creating a pressure backwards at the degassing process.

The construction of a valve silencer

The valve is built of two sections. The first section muffles the deep tones and noise of broadband. The other section primarily absorbs the semi frequent and high frequent noise. Furthermore the valve silencers are compact and easy to install, and at the same time able to prevent dirt. The silencer is mounted directly to the blow-off gate.

Silencers are designed specifically to the valve and the operational conditions it works in. They are typically used to reduce valve noise from safety valves, operational valves and start-up valves on process plants at e.g. power plants.

Please contact ProMetal for further information about valve silencers, or if you are in doubt about how you can use silencers in your application.

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