Handling of valves in a wrong order can cause great safety faults as well as causing environmental and economical consequences. A simple way to try preventing faulty use of valves is using a chain and padlock. This is, however, no safety against the human factor – when missing overview, understanding or communication causes handling of the valve before it is safe.

With a valve interlocking system, a mechanical logic is introduced to the handling of the valves in a system. You secure the sequnce of the valves that opens and closes, which makes it possible to control the order in which they open and close. This can be essential at processing plants, where a great risk in handling the valves in an unintended order often is seen.

Interlocking is a key system, and it is custom made to the specific system. This means it eliminates the risk of human faults.

The systems are made both linear as well as non-linear. A linear system operates from valve A, B and then C, or backward from C, then B and lastly A, where a non-linear system makes it possible to change the sequence in either the starting- or closing phase.

The interlocking system is made in stainless steel as standard, and can be mounted on both ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves and check valves, and ProMetal is offering additional materials like a key cabinet.

Normally there is a demand of interlocking systems when serving safety valves placed in pair, or when served under operation. Furthermore they are used at pig-launching and pig-receiving at gas processing plants and oil and gas platforms.

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