Forged materials and castings

ProMetal A/S provides various free-form forged items such as flanged shafts, propeller shafts, discs etc. with dimensions from Ø100 mm. up to approx. Ø4000 mm. and with max. lengths of approx. 12 meters. All items can be supplied with approval by various classification societies such as DNV, LRS, BV, TüV, etc.

All forgings and castings can be delivered as raw, roughly processed or full processed with NORSOK, PED or SIL classification, painted exactly after your specifications. We would be fond of having a dialogue with you about product optimization. This could be considerations about material thickness, strength in relation to a change in type of material, or considerations about the advantages of choosing to forge a ring instead of cutting it out from a plate or similar.

We offer delivery in the following materials:

  • Carbon steel
  • Low and medium-alloy steel
  • High alloy steel


Besides, we are able to deliver different valves within safety valves, control valves and isolation valves, as well as actuators, silencers and valve interlocks.

Regardless the size of your project, we handle small projects with just a few valves with the same dedication and thoroughness like it was a large project with many valves. Being a “mixed” project with several different valves from each of their own supplier, we still gather all of these in a total solution for the customer. If you, on the other hand, are looking for a small simple valve that has to be delivered within a week, or a complicated technical solution that demands development and design adjustments, ProMetal are always ready to help you find the right solution.

About ProMetal A/S

Our key values are credibility and quality. We focus on an ongoing evaluation of our products and services to secure a high quality level and continuous improvements.

Our quality control system contains a demand of only using manufacturers and suppliers with a quality control system that meet the ISO9000 or similar.

Regardless if we talk about valves or customer specified materials, we are able to meet your demand of documentation, certification and full traceability regarding the solution. Our suppliers are chosen on the basis of their certifications and ability to meet our demand of documentations.

When we deliver a solution, we furthermore offer a recommendation of service and intervals. We undertake the responsibility that the delivered products are functioning through the entire product lifetime – that is a part of our service. We use our network of professional service partners with each of their key competencies and effective setups in both Denmark and partly abroad.

Please contact ProMetal for further information regarding our products.

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