With ProMetal A/S as provider, the doors will be open to leading manufacturers of customer specified forged materials and valves.


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ProMetal A/S is an engineering and agency company with a wide delivery range of valves and customer specified materials in miscellaneous steel and metal alloys. We represent and collaborate with some of the leading manufacturers in Europe. Our broad network of international manufacturers, every of them with each of their area of specialization within both innovation and production, ensures the most optimal solution for you.

We will open a world of opportunities to you.


At ProMetal we have chosen to focus on two product areas. One area is customer specified materials, forgings as well as castings, which can be delivered as raw, roughly processed or full processed. The other area is valves, which can be delivered in almost any kind of material and type.

Hence our engineerial competencies and years of experience, we have built significant specialist knowledge as we, in collaboration with our international supplier network, use every time we help our customers.

In some applications, the conditions are so special that a standard component or standard product would not fit to the application. In these cases it will be necessary with customized products, which is the strength of ProMetal. The final choice of manufacturer is decided from a thorough understanding of your needs.

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As a knowledge-based company, we strive for an ongoing update of our knowledge. The close collaboration with our suppliers and relevant innovation environments secures that we always have access to development divisions as well as research and innovation results. Furthermore, our close collaboration and many tasks at each manufacturer will make your orders a high priority to them.

ProMetal consists of committed employees, who as a natural part of the cooperation, strives to a high customer satisfaction. We do not have standard customers or standard solutions. Each of every customer might have special conditions that need to be taken into consideration; hence we serve each customer individually and personally. In that way we are sure that we understand not only the technical challenges of the task, but also have a clear understanding of the customer’s company and way of doing business.

We prioritize a good and constructive dialogue, and through our close cooperation with our customers, we achieve the best results. It is crucial for us, that we can help our customers to achieve and sustain competitive advantages.

Our knowledge, in combination with our personal commitment and our network, is your guarantee for a thoroughly prepared solution of quality.

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