A Danish offshore company had a problem with a choke valve, which trim had been damaged during operation.

A choke valve is one of the first valves as the crude oil passes when it comes up from the depths of the North Sea, and it is therefore exposed to what we in the industry call “severe service”. When such a valve stops due to operation error, it often means there will be less oil of the well – and with the oil prices we have today is it expensive to have such valve inoperative.

The normal delivery time on a trim of this size is from 6-10 weeks depending on type and material. Since we knew that it was a matter of urgency, our valve manufacturer Weir Valves & Control Ltd decides to hire a small local engineering workshop for processing a trim after their drawings and instructions on max. 24 hours. At the same time, we order a courier who delivers spare parts in Esbjerg and within three days the valves were operating at the platform again.

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