Centrifugal casting is a manufacturing method typically used for thin wall cylinders and pipes. By using this casting method, it is possible to achieve high control of the structure and crystallizing procedure, and hereby the strength of the metals.

Centrifugal casting is only used when talking about symmetric materials around a center line, and it is not suitable for assymetric materials – here it is necessary to have it forged in a free mould.

The centrifugal casting process

In the process of centrifugal casting, you pour the mass in the casting mould while rotating the mould at high speed. During this very fast acceleration a casting is formed by the centrifugal pressure. This pressure creates an important degassing in the alloy that rejects impurity that potentially might occur in metal melting. The fluid metal disperse at the inside of the mould where it hardens during the cooling. Normally you use a very fine moulding mass to get a fine and more corrosion resistant surface. If there is any impurities and pockets of air, they will be in the inner diameter and can be processed afterwards.

Vertical centrifugal casting

You can hav both horizontal and vertical moulding machines for centrifugal castings. The vertical centrifugal casting is used for heavy materials where the diameter generally is more important than the length. This will often be used for rolled rings and bushes.

Billedet her illustrerer en vertikal centrifugalstøbning

This picture illustrates a vertical centrifugal casting process.

Horizontal centrifugal casting

When manufacturing long materials it is common to use horizontal centrifugal casting. This is more suitable for long, thin cylinders.

En illustration af en horisontal centrifugalstøbning

The picture illustrates a horizontal casting process.

Specialized manufacturing area

There is not many foundries equipped to manufacture centrifugal castings, hence it is often said to be a specialized manufacturing area.

ProMetal can deliver centrifugal castings with wall thicknesses from approx. 3-5 mm up to 125 mm. The length of the material depends on the diameter and the wall thickness, but we are able to deliver up to Ø1000 in approx. 6 meters length and diameters up to Ø5000-Ø6000 in 2.5 meters length.

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Read more about ProMetals delivery program of castings here, or contact ProMetal for further information on centrifugal casting or our additional delivery program.

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