The purpose of control valves is to control a process in a piping system, either manually or automatically.

We deliver control valves from ½” and up, both for standard tasks and for extreme and difficult operational conditions. Valves can be delivered in a wide range of body and trim materials ranging from carbon steel to exotic alloys. The valves are delivered in all kind of materials, although normally being ASTM A105, A350, LF2, AISI316, F51, Duplex and SMO.

This is two Blakeborough control valves

A control valve is used when you want to hit a certain pressure, flow or temperature in your application. If you want to control the process manually, the valve can be delivered with a handle.

To achieve a good control one of the terms is that the loss of pressure in a full open control valve is suitable in regard to the total loss of pressure in the circuit. Therefore it is important that all factors are considered and matched to achieve a good result in a control circuit.

Control valves are often seen as a vital component in the circuit, and for that reason we have high demands for the quality of the valve, as well as the safety when in use. Regardless if the valve should control amount, pressure or temperature, all of our valves will be delivered with DIN or ANSI standard, and in pressure classification up to ANSI 4500 and API 10,000. Our European suppliers have their own design of pneumatic actuators, but we do also deliver with hydraulic or electric actuators.

This is two white control valves

Our selection of control valves can be used over a complete range of applications up to the most severe operating conditions, not matter if it should control water, steam, gasses or aggressive mediums.

Hereunder you find a selection of those designs, we are able to offer. If you are looking for a certain type of control valve, or you are in doubt of which one to choose, please contact ProMetal. We are here to help and guide you to the right solution for your application.


  • “Cage trim” valves
  • X-stream trim valves (PDF file)
  • Top and bottom guided valves
  • “Stacked discs” valves
  • Choke valves
  • 3–way valves
  • Desuperheating equipment
  • Actuators and instrumentation

Please note that we supply butterfly valves for control purposes.
We are an agent for Weir Power and Industrial Ltd, Blakeborough, model BV500, BV501, BV502; BV990

Please contact ProMetal for further information regarding control valves.

This is a graphical illustration of a BV500 control valve seen from the inside

This is a graphical illustration of a BV500 control valve seen from the inside

This is a graphical illustration of a BV500 control valve seen from the inside

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