ProMetal provides butterfly valves for both isolation and as a regulating butterfly valve.

The butterfly valve is characterized by being the lightest type of isolation valve. Furthermore it is easy to install and take up least space in the pipeline. The valve is a simple and cheap way of regulating and control the flow of a fluid or gas in the pipeline.

A butterfly valve is built up around a valve house and a disc with a mandrel and a mounted handle for manual operation, or an actuator for automatic operation.

A butterfly valve is suitable for several kinds of applications where an isolation of the pipeline is wanted, and is especially suitable for installations in water and waste water systems in the farming and fishing industries, as well as the marine and offshore industries.

Here you see a blue butterfly valve

Butterfly valves for regulation are typically available from 6” (DN150) and up.

The valves are delivered in all types of materials, most common though are ASTM A105, A350, LF2, AISI316, F51, Super duplex and SMO. They are available with different connections like forged endings or flanges with clamp or hub ends, in wafer lugged type or normal.

The valves are delivered for both DIN and ANSI standards, and are typically used as isolation in low pressure classes up till ANSI 600#. They can be delivered with or without gear and/or actuator, depending on your needs and specifications.

Today we see many different kind of designs used in different applications. Most commonly we talk about standard, double offset and triple offset. For the more demanding application, meaning applications with high temperatures or attritional materials that needs to be handled., the valve is available in double or triple concentric design.


  • Batley Valve® BV 30000 – Varidiff Vane
  • Batley Valve® BV 26000 – Metalseal
  • Batley® Triple-Offset (tricentrisk) Butterfly Valve BV 28000
  • Batley Valve® BV 36000 – Kryogenisk
  • Batley Valve® BV 24000 – Firesafe
  • Batley Valve® BV 22000 – HyperSeal
  • Batley Valve® BV 18000 – PTFE Lined Batseal
  • Batley Valve® BV 20000 – Steadseal
  • Batley Valve® BV 16000 – SpoolSeal
  • Batley Valve® BV 34000 – Vulcanised Rubber Lined
  • Concentric design

Are you still in doubt about what design your butterfly valve needs to be? Or do you want further information about the topic, please contact ProMetal. We are ready to help you find the right valve for your application and needs.

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