The Weir Group PLC has announced the completion of the sale of its Flow Control division to the American private equity investment firm, First Reserve. As a consequence of the sale, Weir Flow Control now becomes Trillium Flow Technologies.

In April 2018 The Weir Group announced that the company had sold the Flow Control division to the American equity investment firm, First Reserve. As of July 2019 the sale is now completed, and the formerly known Weir Flow Control becomes Trillium Flow Technologies.

Even though the name changes, the new owner guarantee that Trillium continuously include the same 15 global pump and valve brands that serve everyone from the oil and gas industries to the power plant industries. These brands include:

  • Sarasin-RSBD™, safety valves
  • SEBIM™ Safety valves for nuclear power plants
  • Blakeborough®, control valves
  • BDK™, The production unit in India
  • AutoTork™
  • Hopkinsons®,parallel gate valves
  • Atwood & Morrill®, American produced
  • Batley Valve®, butterfly valves
  • Tricentric®, triple offset butterfly valves

As well as the pump brands Gabbioneta™, WSP™, WEMCO®, Roto-Jet®, Floway®  & Begemann.

ProMetal A/S is an agent at the Danish market.

About Trillium Flow Technologies

Weir Flow Control becomes Trillium Flow Technologies

Trillium is a global designer and manufacturer of valves and pumps for energy and industry applications. The company’s portfolio serves companies in the power plant, oil, gas and nuclear power plant industries among others.

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