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ProMetal invests in solar cell energy parks

ProMetal has invested in solar cell parks that produce 558,174,000 kWh a year. which saves the environment more than 394,713,302 kilo CO2. With our investment alone, the environment will be saved for more than 524,107 kilo CO2 a year, which is corresponding to: 174 flight trips from Copenhagen to New York and back again. 147…

Billedet viser nogle kugleventiler sat op ved siden af hinanden.

Weir Flow Control becomes Trillium Flow Technologies

The Weir Group PLC has announced the completion of the sale of its Flow Control division to the American private equity investment firm, First Reserve. As a consequence of the sale, Weir Flow Control now becomes Trillium Flow Technologies. In April 2018 The Weir Group announced that the company had sold the Flow Control division…

På billedet ses nogle aksler der ligger ved siden af hinanden. Det viser, at ProMetal leverer smedegods.

Actuators in stainless steel

Since the beginning of the offshore industry one of the main challenges has been corrosion due to the salt laden atmosphere. Valve actuators have traditionally been a focus point as they are often exposed to atmospheric conditions without any protection. This image shows a fully stainless steel actuator during the final assembly in a workshop…

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